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Khamis, Mac 06, 2014


WANITA seksi di jadikan pelaris minuman tenaga
LONDON 5 Mac 2014 - Orang ramai yang gemarkan air tenaga yang tinggi kafein, diminta supaya berwaspada selepas satu kajian mendapati minuman itu mampu mengubah kadar denyutan dan meningkatkan potensi diserang penyakit jantung.

KALAU dahaga minumlah air kosong atau air masak
Menurut kajian oleh penyelidik dari Universiti Bonn di Jerman, orang dewasa yang sihat dan minum minuman tenaga tinggi kafein, akan mengalami peningkatan kadar denyutan jantung sejam selepas pengambilan air tersebut, lapor Daily Mail.
CONTOH minuman tenaga yang di jual di pasaran
Penyelidik Jerman itu membuat kajian terhadap kesan meminum air yang mengandungi kafein dan taurine (asid amino) ke atas 18 golongan dewasa sihat dengan purata usia 27.5 tahun.

Setiap responden kemudiannya menjalani pemeriksaan pengimejan resonans magnetik (MRI) jantung sebelum dan sejam selepas meminum air tenaga yang mengandungi taurine, (400 miligram /100 mililiter) dan kafein (32 miligram/100 mililiter).
JANTUNG kadang kala berdegup kencang tanda bakal terkena darah tinggi
Selepas minum air itu, setiap responden mengalami kemuncak peningkatan tekanan dan denyutan pada rongga kecil di kiri jantung, bahagian yang menerima darah beroksigen daripada paru-paru dan mengepamnya ke saluran besar dalam sistem salur nadi dan membekalkannya ke seluruh bahagian badan.

Sehingga kini, kami masih belum mengetahui secara tepat kesan minum air tenaga ini kepada fungsi jantung.

Kami juga tidak mengetahui bagaimana peningkatan kadar denyutan jantung mempengaruhi aktiviti seharian atau prestasi aktiviti sukan.

Kami memerlukan kajian tambahan bagi memahami mekanisme tersebut dan menentukan jangka masa kesan minum air tenaga itu akan berakhir,katanya.


14 Reasons Not To Drink Energy Drinks!

The next time you are looking for ways to
get energy, think about alternative ways
before you buy energy drinks. Consuming
excess amount of everything is harmful and
especially this type of drinks. So instead of
solely relying on sugar and caffeine to get
you through busy day, take a walk or drink
plain water to feel more natural and long-
lasting energy.


If you were not already aware,
energy drinks have some extremely serious
side effects. Some of the side effects are:
agitation, tremors, stomach upset, chest
pain, dizziness, seizures, insomnia and even
heart attacks. Just because they are easily
available and look innocent enough does not
mean that they can’t do some serious harm.


In fact, one of the most convincing reasons
to stop drinking energy drinks is that they
can cause increased anxiety and stress.
Some energy drinks are actually found to
contain more caffeine than it is advertised
on their labels. Too much caffeine has been
known to cause jitters and the chronic
stress, and a racing heart from massive
amounts of caffeine is not all that
comforting either.


Besides providing with artificial energy,
these drinks typically contain a lot of sugar.
Some drinks are known to have an average
of 15 tsp of sugar. Aside from getting the
dreaded sugar crash, sugar can leave you
dehydrated and, as it is also known,
suppress the immune system, increase
inflammation, lead to tooth decay and
weight gain.


If you regularly consume energy drinks, you
may want to think carefully your beverage
choice. Studies have shown that those who
frequently drink the stimulant caffeine have
been known to have reduced serotonin
levels. This substance is known as the feel
good neurotransmitter. A depletion of this
hormone has been linked to low mood,
anxiety and depression.


Another danger of energy drinks is that they
can be taxing on your organs. Your heart,
liver, brain, digestive tract and kidneys are
all working as if you are in a flight or fight
situation and ultimately get drained from all
the work. Energy drinks trigger your organs
to react as if they are in a dangerous
situation so you can imagine how bad it can


While you might like the sudden surge of
energy and vigor when you are trying to
make it through a tiresome afternoon, it is
not so helpful when you are ready to turn in
for the night. Such drinks can cause you to
lose out on deep and restful sleep at night
so that you end up turning to it again the
next day. Quit the cycle and get energy in
more natural, safe ways through workout,
water and healthy snacks.


These days people are pretty much strapped
for cash. Energy drinks can end up costing
you up to $900 per year or even more. The
average energy drink can cost you between
$3-4. So if you have got a daily habit, you
are spending enough money to snag
yourself whole lotta new shoes, clothes and
other fabulous items.


Diet or low calorie energy drinks tend to use
sweeteners such as aspartame. In response
to the ever growing obesity problem,
companies began producing versions
without sugar of their energy drinks some
years ago. A serving of their sugar free
flavors only cost 20 calories but the bad
news is that the aspartame used to sweeten
this kind of drinks can be even worse for you
than sugar.


Most energy drinks on market shelves are
not made from real juice, so they need
artificial colorings and flavorings to make
them taste and look more appealing. You
will be terrified to know that certain energy
drinks flavors are chock full of toxic
chemical coloring. Manufacturers use
several different food dyes, but one of the
most common is red 30 even those which
are not red. It has been tied to reactions
ranging from migraines and headaches to
temper tantrums, dizziness, aggressive
behavior, hyperactivity, uncontrollable
screaming and crying, nervousness, kicking,
inability to sit still or concentrate in


Some people become tired after caffeine
intake. This is a symptom of adrenal fatigue
when the adrenalin system of your body
becomes overtaxed by constant high
caffeine consumption. The answer is not to
increase caffeine even more but to reduce
its amount, detox and get the adrenal
glands back to a normal state. Remember it
is hard to choose a safe dose because it
varies from person to person and according
to an individual tolerance. Between 499
milligrams to 999 milligrams in a day period
will probably lead to some of the more
severe side effects.


This vitamin is one of the ingredients in
almost every energetic drink. It is certainly
beneficial to take recommended daily ratio
but more than 34 mg of B3 or Niacin can
cause flushing of your skin. Consumption of
2999 or more can result in liver toxicity.
More than 99 mg of B6 can cause sensory
nerve problems such as burning sensation
and skin lesions.


Gingko is some kind of herb and can cause
some minor side effects in different people.
These effects vary from headaches, nausea
and diarrhea to dizziness, heart palpitations
and restlessness. What is more ginkgo
biloba can interact with other medication
such as anti-depressants and blood
thinners. One recent study found that this
herb caused thyroid cancer in research.


This amino acid is derived from green tea
and most energy drinks and shots have
begun putting so called green tea extract in
their beverages. It can produce a different
type of alertness than caffeine and there has
been no scientific evidence of it causing
adverse side effects. Some people have
reported feeling light headed after
consuming a dose of more than 299 mg of L-


The most common energy drink ingredient
caffeine can lead to several allergic
reactions such as rash, itching, hives,
swelling of the tongue, mouth, face or lips,
difficulty breathing, tightness in the chest,
vomiting. - source-

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